Serenity Makib

born.: 07.May1995
Fam.: Hadban Enzahi

Blue List

from Serenity Mamlouk
out of Nakibia

Sire of outstanding offspring. Trained in dressage and ridden on
endurance races sucessfully.


Serenity Shahan


born.: 18. March 1992
Fam.: Koheilan Ajous Ibn Rodan

Blue List

from AK Shah Munifeh
out of Serenity Khohana

A tall and athletic stallion, sucessfull running
endurance races and winning sveral times.



Ameen Laheeb


born.: 25. April 1995
Fam.: Hadban Enzahi

Blue List

from Serenity Lazan
out of Serenity Shaha

Our young stallion is trained in dressage, and ridden in endurance
races. In this year, he is running for the stallions-performance test
with a good success. A stallion with extremely good movements.


Ameen Safeer

born : 03. Juni 1997
Fam.: Hadban Enzahi

Straight Egyptian gelding

from AK Shah Munifeh               He is living in danmark now!
out of Serenity Lamia

Extremely good legs and movements. Sucessful am winning endurances on the long distances. In 2004 he made his
stallions-performance test. In 2005 he was winning again.


Ameen Maysan

geb.: 03. may 2002
Fam.: Hadban Enzahi

Straight Egyptian Stallion

von Serenity Makib
aus Serenity Shaha

Our young, hopeful colt