Serenity Shaha

geb.: 24. März 1992

Fam.: Hadban Enzahi

von AK Shah Munifeh
aus Serenity Sharaa

This mare I started to ride, when she was 12 years old, and she won already her first race over 50 km against 44 other horses. Se also won her first race over 60 km and over 80 km in 2005.


She died in 2008.


Serenity Lamia

geb.: 25. April 1990

Fam. : Hadban Enzahi

von SF Ibn Lateef
aus Pami

We lost her in 2008

Serenity Bint Lazan

geb.: 19. April 1996

Fam. : Koheilan Ajous Ibn Rodan

von Serenity Lazan
aus Serenity Khohana

In 2001 she gave us a filly by Serenity Makib.
In 2002 she was running endurances and made her mares perforance test. One race she won in Trendelburg over 51 km.
In 2003 she finished her first long distance over 80 km and won in Peine over 50 km. in 2004 she was winning over 100 km, run a 120 km race in speed 4 and made her mare-performance test with sucuess. In 2005 she was running 120 km races in a speed of 3,4 on CEI Fischerhude